• Pépin et Plume is saxophonist and composer Alban Darche’s label and publishing tool.


    Released June the 1st 2016

    Pacific: striving for peace, having no aggressive nature.

    This definition could have been enough to inspire a group name to me.
    I also chose « Pacific » because it reminds me of the West-coast. And
    West-coast jazz is of paramount importance to me, as much for its
    exploration of sound -the group sound and its individual tones- as for the
    colors in the writing.

    My Pacific is a tribute to some of my heroes, whose presence comes
    to bear continually on my work. The list includes Lenny Tristano, Lee
    Konitz, Paul Desmond, and Gil Evans.
    Evans was not on the list of musicians who originally motivated my
    project, but he cropped up when I started writing the very first notes.
    Not only could I hear colours similar to the ones he used, but most of all
    the shadow of his collaboration with Miles Davis felt more present the
    more I wrote, so much so that it ended up enveloping this nascent music

    This is about creating personal and original music which contains in its
    architecture the quirks that are my trademark but which is consciously
    under the influence of the heritage that forged me. Under its influence,
    yes, but still free and inventive, always looking for a new sound.
    Alban Darche

    The album is available in 2 formats :

    20 euros 33rpm Vinyl Record with download codes

    10 euros Album download (aiff files) - download codes sent by email

    Steve Argüelles • Drums
    Jozef Dumoulin • Piano, fender rhodes
    Samuel Blaser • Trombone
    Geoffroy Tamisier • Trumpet
    Alban Darche • Saxophones, compositions

    Recorded and mixed by Olivier Ménard and studio Corner Box, Rocheservière (France)
    Masterised by Pierre Vandewaeter at studio Lakanal, Montpellier (France).
    Pictures by Annabelle Tiaffay – Graphic design by Silvain Joblin.

    Friends and partners:
    D’addario woodwinds